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Judicial Vs. Administrative License Suspension

There are a number of ways your license can be suspended. A judge can suspend it for a DUI, reckless driving, hit and run, eluding, driving while suspended, and various other charges. In addition, by operation of law, unpaid court fines and costs over 30 days old (unless there is payment agreement with the clerk’s office) will result in a license suspension that will remain active until the court fines/costs and a license reinstatement fee to the DMV are paid. The DMV can also administratively suspend your license for 90 days upon the accumulation of 18 demerit points in 12 months or the accumulation of 24 points in 24 months. If your license has been suspended due to a reckless driving or DUI 1st conviction, the judge has discretion to grant you a restricted license to allow for medically necessary, educational, work and child-care related travel. If your license has been suspended for a driving while suspended conviction, the judge does not have discretion to grant a restricted license. Likewise, if your license has been revoked by DMV for excessive demerit points, there is no restricted license option available.

Strict DMV Suspension Rules For Juvenile Offenders

The rules for license suspension are even tougher for younger drivers. For drivers under 18, any demerit point conviction results in a mandatory requirement for the driver to attend a driver improvement program. Failure to do so within 90 days results in a license suspension until said program has been completed. A second demerit point conviction results in a in a 90-day license suspension. A third conviction will result in a license suspension for one year or until the offender reaches age 18, whichever is longer.

DMV Suspension Rules For Adult Offenders

The accumulation of eight demerit points in 12 months or 12 points within 24 months results in an advisory letter from DMV. The accumulation of 12 demerit points within 12 months or 18 points in 24 months results in a mandatory driver improvement program requirement. That program must be completed within 90 days. The accumulation of 18 points in 12 months or 24 points in 24 months results in a mandatory 90-day license suspension. In addition, once that period has expired, the offender must complete a driver improvement program before their license can be restored. Once the offender’s privilege is restored, they will be on probation for six months.

Drivers On Probation

If the individual was convicted a traffic offense while on DMV probation, their license will be suspended. It will be suspended for 45 days for a three-point violation, 60 days for a four-point violation and 90 days for a six-point violation. Once that individual completes the suspension period, they will be placed on probation for an additional six months.

If the conviction occurred while that person was on probation for the first time, they can request the DMV provides restricted driving privileges. If a second or subsequent probation was violated, the DMV will grant restricted driving privileges only if the probationary period was immediately preceded by a control period (an 18-month time period during which the driving record is monitored). If you receive demerit points for a violation during the 18-month control period, you will be placed on six months’ probation. Once the control period has been completed, the driver will be removed from the Driver Improvement Program.

Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

If an individual is convicted of driving outside the scope of their restricted license, the DMV will revoke the offender’s license for one year with no opportunity for a restricted license.

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A reckless driving conviction in Virginia can result in a six-month revocation of your driver’s license. That’s the kind of worst-case scenario that we try to avoid. If the court is inclined to suspend a defendant’s license, we recommend alternative punishments such as a restricted license, an option that will allow you to travel to your job or school each day.

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