Experienced Virginia Attorneys Handling Your Every Legal Concern

Guiding Your Business Through Litigation Concerns

Running a business is stressful enough. Don’t let the threat of a lawsuit or an active case distract you from effectively running your normal operations. Our trial attorneys at Bounds and Bounds, PLLC, are here to shield you from the stress of business disputes and litigation.

We bring our warrior ethos to every dispute. We want to win. Our process starts with a detailed case evaluation, so we can strategize our approach and determine the best course of action and legal tactics to use. Our strength comes from our team approach: combining our collective business and legal knowledge to create winning solutions. As industry insiders, we know our clients’ businesses, using our knowledge to quickly move forward with your litigation needs.

The Kind Of Business Representation We Provide

As trial lawyers, we do more than draft motions, pleadings and briefs. We are comfortable in the courtroom and in front of juries. Our passion to litigate also provides us with an advantage in settlement negotiations since our adversaries understand our ability to litigate combined with our warrior ethos makes us a formidable opponent.

Our business litigation services include:

  • Contract disputes
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Government disputes
  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Director and officer liability issues
  • Business torts
  • Trusts and estates

Cannabis Business Representation

The legal landscape surrounding the cultivation, manufacture, sale, and possession of marijuana in Virginia is always shifting. Our firm works with industry insiders and established companies within the field and is on the cutting edge of any changes and advancements within the law. We help new and established clients alike to navigate the changing legal landscape surrounding this topic.

We serve a range of clients with various legal needs. From entity formation to corporate governance, we have you covered. Our corporate and legal experience gives us an edge when drafting and negotiating contracts. It also helps us with regulatory compliance, from the cannabis industry specifics, to employment and general business regulations, giving you the confidence that your business is operating within the bounds of the law. This allows our clients to focus on what they love most: running their business. Let us worry about everything else.

Our cannabis services include:

  • Licensing
  • Permitting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • General counsel services
  • Entity formation and governance
  • Contracts
  • Retailing
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Distributions
  • Internal investigations
  • Civil asset forfeiture
  • Criminal defense

Serving Your Business Needs

Should you have any business concerns and need experienced litigators, contact the lawyers at Bounds and Bounds, PLLC. You can reach our Richmond, Virginia, office by calling 804-361-3402. We provide representation for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.