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In Virginia, a speeding ticket should not be taken lightly. Even minor tickets can be a big deal if you receive too many of them. Receiving too many speeding tickets can lead to a license suspension. In addition, with a high-speed (i.e., 90 mph or faster) reckless driving charge, you could end up in jail and/or with a license suspension. It is important in all speeding ticket situations, especially reckless driving by speed charges, to have a lawyer that can offer you the best possible outcome. A speeding ticket lawyer on your side can help defend your rights.

Bounds and Bounds, PLLC, offers an outcome-oriented representation. Our lawyers have decades of experience as trial attorneys. Contact our Richmond, Virginia, law office for a free and confidential consultation. Many traffic cases are reduced or dismissed as the result of plea agreements with the prosecuting attorney. In the event that there is no plea agreement, a good lawyer may be able to convince the judge to reduce or eliminate the charge.

If you receive a speeding ticket in Virginia, it’s important to understand the potential consequences. Hiring a lawyer can be helpful in fighting the ticket and potentially reducing the number of demerit points assessed. A speeding ticket lawyer can also help you navigate the legal process and represent you in court, if necessary. It’s especially important to consult with a lawyer if you’ve been charged with reckless driving by speed, which is a serious offense in Virginia carrying a six-point penalty. Speeding tickets are traffic violations for which demerit points are assessed by the VA DMV. Remember, accumulating too many points can result in the suspension of your license by the Department of Motor Vehicles, so it’s important to take speeding tickets seriously and seek legal counsel if needed.

Speeding tickets are traffic violations for which demerit points are assessed by the VA DMV. A speeding ticket can be a three, four-point, or six-point violation, depending upon how fast you were driving. Reckless Driving by speed is a six-point offense. In Virginia, if you accumulate more than 18 points in a single year or 24 points in two years, the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license.

If you are a driver from out-of-state, it is important that you either appear in court or have representation that can appear for you at the hearing for your traffic violation. An experienced criminal defense  lawyer may be able to help you respond to the speeding ticket and represent you in court without the necessity of your appearance in court. If you miss your speeding ticket hearing and are unrepresented, you most likely will be found guilty and fined without having a chance to respond to the charges.

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